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Software and utilities for all 
Zivid 3D cameras.

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In order to get started

  1. Buy a Zivid One 3D camera
  2. Follow the Quick Start Guide
  3. Start learning on this page

Zivid 3D color cameras

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Zivid SDK

High level, modern and intuitive API for highly efficient point cloud computation. Only a few lines necessary to get very accurate point clouds right into your code.

  • C++11 and .NET
  • GPU accelerated
  • Shared library (dll / so)

Learn more about the SDK →

Zivid::Application zivid;
auto camera = zivid.connectCamera( );
camera.capture( ).save("helloFrame.zdf");

Point Cloud

For every capture the Zivid 3D camera delivers a set of data points in space. Every pixel in the sensor chip is represented in an ordered array [1920 x 1200]. 

  • 3D XYZ (coordinates in space)
  • Color RGB
  • Contrast C

Learn more about C++ and C# API →


Zivid Studio

User interface for exploring Zivid 3D color cameras, learn all the capabilities and study high-precision point clouds of your objects in full color.

Assisted Mode: Analyze & Capture
Manual Mode: Snapshot,
Live and HDR

View and evaluate
Histogram / 3D RGB Point Cloud / Depth Map / 2D Color

Optimize settings
Exposure time / Aperture / Brightness / Gain and filters

Learn More →

Zivid Studio - examples

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