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Zivid::ComputeDevice Class Reference

Compute device on which to allocate a device point cloud More...

#include <Zivid/ComputeDevice.h>

Public Member Functions

ZIVID_API_EXPORT ComputeDevice ()
 Constructor More...
ZIVID_API_EXPORT ~ComputeDevice ()
 Destructor More...
ZIVID_API_EXPORT ComputeDevice (const ComputeDevice &other)
 Copy constructor More...
ZIVID_API_EXPORT ComputeDeviceoperator= (const ComputeDevice &other)
 Assignment operator More...
ZIVID_API_EXPORT ComputeDevice (ComputeDevice &&other) noexcept
 Move constructor More...
ZIVID_API_EXPORT ComputeDeviceoperator= (ComputeDevice &&other) noexcept
 Move assignment operator More...
ZIVID_API_EXPORT std::string toString () const
 Get string representation of the compute device More...

Detailed Description

Compute device on which to allocate a device point cloud

In order to set up direct visualization of device point clouds, the compute device should be obtained from CloudVisualizer (via computeDevice()) and set to the Camera (via setComputeDevice()).

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ComputeDevice() [1/3]

ZIVID_API_EXPORT Zivid::ComputeDevice::ComputeDevice ( )


◆ ~ComputeDevice()

ZIVID_API_EXPORT Zivid::ComputeDevice::~ComputeDevice ( )


◆ ComputeDevice() [2/3]

ZIVID_API_EXPORT Zivid::ComputeDevice::ComputeDevice ( const ComputeDevice other)

Copy constructor

◆ ComputeDevice() [3/3]

ZIVID_API_EXPORT Zivid::ComputeDevice::ComputeDevice ( ComputeDevice &&  other)

Move constructor

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator=() [1/2]

ZIVID_API_EXPORT ComputeDevice& Zivid::ComputeDevice::operator= ( const ComputeDevice other)

Assignment operator

◆ operator=() [2/2]

ZIVID_API_EXPORT ComputeDevice& Zivid::ComputeDevice::operator= ( ComputeDevice &&  other)

Move assignment operator

◆ toString()

ZIVID_API_EXPORT std::string Zivid::ComputeDevice::toString ( ) const

Get string representation of the compute device

Compute device info as string

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