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Zivid.NET Namespace

The main namespace for the Zivid .NET API. The top node is ZividSystem. The main class to use to interface the 3D camera is ZividCamera
Public classApplication
Manager class for Zivid cameras. Handles connection to cameras and configuration of the log system. Creating an instance of `Application` allocates memory which won't be collected until you manually invoke `Dispose()` (or use `using`). Creating a second `Application` instance before the previous `Application` instance has been manually disposed will trigger an exception.
Public classCode exampleCamera
Interface to one Zivid camera
Public classCameraIntrinsics
Information about the intrinsic parameters of the camera (OpenCV model)
Public classCameraIntrinsicsCameraMatrixGroup
The camera matrix K (=[fx,0,cx;0,fy,cy;0,0,1])
Public classCameraIntrinsicsDistortionGroup
The radial and tangential distortion parameters
Public classCameraRevision
Camera revision
Public classCameraState
Information about camera connection state, live mode, temperatures, etc.
Public classCameraStateTemperatureGroup
Current temperature(s)
Public classComputeDevice
Represents a Compute device to visualize or perform computations on.

In order to enable fast visualization of point clouds on the Compute device, a connection between the Compute device used by the visualizer and the Compute device used by ZividCamera internally needs to be connected.

Public classDeviceCloud
A device cloud stored on the Compute device
Public classDuration
Hi-resolution time span. Valid range is 1 nanosecond to 292 years.
Public classEnvironment
Zivid environment, configured through environment variables
Public classFirmware
Firmware related functions
Public classFrame
A frame captured by a Zivid camera
Public classFrameInfo
Various information for a frame
Public classFrameInfoSoftwareVersionGroup
The version information for installed software at the time of image capture
Public classFrameInfoSoftwareVersionGroupZividAPIGroup
Version information for the Zivid API library
Public classFrameInfoSoftwareVersionGroupZividCameraFileGroup
Version information for the ZividCameraFile driver
Public classFrameInfoSoftwareVersionGroupZividCameraToshibaTeliGroup
Version information for the ZividCameraToshibaTeli driver
Public classFrameInfoSoftwareVersionGroupZividStudioGroup
Version information for the ZividStudio applicaton
Public classHDR
High Dynamic Range 3D imaging functions
Public classPointCloud
A point cloud with x,y,z, contrast and color data laid out on a 2D grid
Public classRangeT
Class describing a range of values for a given type T
Public classSerialNumber
Serial number of a Zivid camera
Public classSettings
Settings for a Zivid camera
Public classSettingsFiltersGroup
Toggle on or off various filters
Public classSettingsFiltersGroupContrastGroup
Discard points with low contrast values
Public classSettingsFiltersGroupGaussianGroup
Gaussian smoothing of the point cloud
Public classSettingsFiltersGroupOutlierGroup
Outlier filter based on connected components
Public classSettingsFiltersGroupReflectionGroup
Detect and remove points likely to arise from reflections (useful for shiny materials)
Public classSettingsFiltersGroupSaturatedGroup
Discard pixels that are saturated in the image
Public classVersion
Version information
Public delegateCameraUpdateSettingsDelegate
Delegate function for updating settings
Public delegateFrameCallback
Callback for frames
Public delegateProgressCallback
A progress callback delegate.