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Settings Class

Settings for a Zivid camera
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Zivid.NET
Assembly:  ZividCoreNET (in ZividCoreNET.dll) Version:
public class Settings

The Settings type exposes the following members.

Public methodSettings
Public methodSettings(String)
Initializes a new instance of the Settings class
Public propertyBidirectional
Enable or disable the use of bi-directional patterns (requires twice as many patterns as well as increased exposure time)
Public propertyBlueBalance
White balance of blue channel in the camera
Public propertyBlueBalanceRange
The range of valid values
Public propertyBrightness
Brightness controls the light output from the projector. Brightness above 1.0 may be needed when the distance between the camera and the scene is large, or in case of high levels of ambient lighting. Brightness above 1.0 is only supported on Zivid One Plus. When brightness is above 1.0 some limitations apply: 1) Live mode is not supported. 2) The duty cycle of the camera (the percentage of time the camera can capture frames) will be reduced. The lights in the projector can be lit for at most 50% of the time during a 10 second period. This limitation is enforced automatically by the camera. Calling capture when the duty cycle limit has been reached will cause the camera to first wait (sleep) for a duration of time to cool down, before capture will start.
Public propertyBrightnessRange
The range of valid values
Public propertyExposureTime
Exposure time for each single image in the measurement. Affects frame rate.
Public propertyExposureTimeRange
The range of valid values
Public propertyFilters
Toggle on or off various filters
Public propertyGain
Analog gain in the camera
Public propertyGainRange
The range of valid values
Public propertyIris
Iris (aperture) setting for the camera
Public propertyIrisRange
The range of valid values
Public propertyRedBalance
White balance of red channel in the camera
Public propertyRedBalanceRange
The range of valid values
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