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Camera Methods

The Camera type exposes the following members.

Public methodAllocateDeviceCloud
Allocate a new point cloud on the Compute device
Public methodCapture
Capture a single frame
Public methodCapture2D
Capture a single frame in 2D
Public methodConnect
Connect to the camera
Public methodDisconnect
Disconnect from the camera and free all resources associated with it
Public methodDispose
Public methodSetFrameCallback
Set a callback that is executed very time a new frame is ready
Public methodSetSettings
Update the camera settings
Public methodStartLive
Start live (continuous) capturing of frames
Public methodStopLive
Stop live (continuous) capturing of frames
Public methodToString
Get string representation of the camera info
(Overrides ObjectToString.)
Public methodUpdateSettings
Update a batch of camera settings by supplying an update settings delegate
Public methodWriteUserData
Write user data to camera. The total number of writes supported depends on camera model and size of data
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