Zivid brings perfect 3D vision to Motek

Motek, Stuttgart, 8-11 October 2018, Hall 7. Booth 7414.

OSLO, Norway, October 2, 2018 – Zivid, the 3D machine vision camera company, is attending Motek with its Zivid One 3D color camera. The company will demonstrate Zivid One supporting robotic arms and grippers in high precision bin-picking applications.

Using a principle of time-multiplexed structured light, the Zivid One camera captures high-quality XYZ and RGB data on a single sensor chip. It operates at 0.1mm resolution and an acquisition rate of 10Hz to produce vivid high definition 3D color images of even the most difficult of target object materials.

Regarded as one of the most demanding tasks for robot automation, random bin-picking is the focus of two system integrator-backed Zivid One demonstrations: with Pick-it 3D using an ABB YuMi robot, and Euclid Labs using a KUKA robot.

Handling a mix of small, complex, reflective and light-absorbing parts, the demonstrations will highlight the versatility of the Zivid One camera in assembly, machine loading and manufacturing applications.

Also taking place on booth 7414 will be a presentation;

  • Title: How To Succeed In Robot Automation By Using Human-like 3d Vision And Excellent Quality Of Data
  • Presenter: Øyvind Theie, Strategic Marketing Manager
  • Time: Wednesday 10th October, 12:30pm, Thursday 11th October, 10am 

More information is available at info.zivid.com/motek2018.