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3D machine vision
color cameras for
industrial robots

Unleash the potential of your automation system.

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High-quality applications deserve
high-quality point clouds

Zivid industrial machine vision cameras capture dense and vivid data for your AI and detection algorithms.


Shiny and reflective metal parts

3D point cloud rubber absorptive parts Zivid

Dark and absortive rubber

3D point cloud of various objects, SKUs, and parts Zivid

Various size objects and SKUs

3D point cloud plastic translucent parts Zivid-1

Plastic and translucent

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Zivid Two industrial 3D color camera

Zivid Two NEW

Exceptional 3D image quality. Lightning fast. Ultra-compact. For reliable pick and place robot cells handling a wide variety of challenging objects. 

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Zivid One Plus industrial 3D color cameras

Zivid One+

High-quality 3D color vision for industrial and collaborative robot cells. Flexible working distance. Small/Medium/Large Field of View.

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Zivid Field of view industrial 3D canera
Zivid Two
Zivid One+ Small
Zivid One+ Medium
Zivid One+ Large
Key use
Small and medium,
static and robot mounting
Tiny and small,
Small and medium,
Medium and large,
standard EU/US pallets

Recommended working distance (mm)*
300 - 1500
300 - 800
600 - 1600
1200 - 2600

Point precision (µm)
60 µm with
trueness <0.2%
30 @ 300 mm
<200 @ 1000 mm
60 @ 600 mm
<1000 @ 2000 mm
300 @ 1200 mm
<2000 @ 3000 mm

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