Zivid 3D developer kit bundle

Developer kit bundle

Now you can buy Zivid One+ and Zivid Two developer kit bundles to kickstart your 3D vision automation project. Whether it's bin-picking, piece picking, or machine tending related - the Zivid dev kit bundles make it easy to design stationary or on-arm robot-based picking cells.

3D developer kit bundle

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Zivid Two - human-like vision for pick and place robotics.

Zivid 3D color cameras

Find the right 3D camera for your application.

Zivid Two industrial 3D cameras

Zivid Two NEW

Exceptional 3D image quality. Lightning fast. Ultra-compact. For reliable pick and place robot cells handling a wide variety of challenging objects.

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Zivid One Plus industrial 3D cameras

Zivid One+

High-quality 3D color vision for industrial and collaborative robot cells. Flexible small/medium/large Field of View.

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Zivid 3D Field of View options
Zivid Two
Zivid One+ Small
Zivid One+ Medium
Zivid One+ Large
Key use
Small and medium,
static and robot mounting
Tiny and small,
Small and medium,
Medium and large,
standard EU/US pallets

Recommended working distance (mm)*
300 - 1500
300 - 800
600 - 1600
1200 - 2600

Point precision (µm)
60 µm with
trueness <0.2%
30 @ 300 mm
<200 @ 1000 mm
60 @ 600 mm
<1000 @ 2000 mm
300 @ 1200 mm
<2000 @ 3000 mm

3D point clouds

Compare the high-quality color point clouds from Zivid with typical 3D sensor data output.

High definition point cloud versus stereo vision
See more point clouds


Zivid brings high-quality 3D vision to your collaborative robots and industrial automation systems. Our market-leading 3D color cameras and modern software enables customers to efficiently and reliably develop robotics applications including de-palletizing, bin-picking, pick-and-place, assembly, packaging, and quality control. Zivid 3D machine vision enables smarter factories and warehouses of Industry 4.0.
3D vision for piece picking and logistics automation

Piece picking

Zivid's 3D cameras help you detect, pick & place more types of objects and SKUs.

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3D vision for bin-picking and manufacturing automation


Industrial-grade 3D cameras ideal for handling various bin-picking scenarios. 

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3D vision for machine tending automation

Machine tending

Zivid 3D cameras enable robots to pick and place parts accurately.

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