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3D Machine Vision in the eCommerce Industry

Robotics and 3D machine vision are playing a major role in creating new levels of efficiency and productivity in warehousing and order fulfillment operations for eCommerce. Zivid 3D cameras are designed to excel in such situations by enabling the singulation of items with consistent, reliable accuracy at the high speeds demanded. 

Ecommerce applications powered by Zivid 3D cameras

Order tracking wiht Zivid 3D cameras

Piece picking

Combined high-res 2D and 3D for fast, reliable picking from totes.
Assured item picking with accurate pose estimation and collision checking.

Order picking with Zivid 3D cameras

Inventory management

Register items in hi-res 2D and 3D for successful segmentation for improved packing and stowing strategies

material handling with Zivid 3D cameras

Picking from shelves

Source from large areas using multiple bins, flow racks, and towers. Extend FOV to the entire working area of the robot with robot-mounted machine vision. 

Identify and segment millions of items in stunning true-to-reality 2D and 3D with color.

What’s possible with Zivid 3D cameras

Singulate and pick at speed

Zivid 3D cameras are fast, accurate, and durable, making it possible for robots to pick and place reliably at the speeds necessary in eCommerce. Superb point cloud density and detail, in color, at capture speeds of 100-500ms, mean the machine vision doesn’t impact robot speed, making cycle times of 5 secs per pick easily possible

All of our industrial cameras are designed, calibrated, and tested to work tirelessly for years in varying conditions and temperatures without failing or drifting – keeping the point cloud true to reality, the pick pose accurate, and the object safe. 

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Pick and place automation guide

Identify millions of SKUs with 3D clarity 

Get low-noise 3D data on any presented surface to determine objects successfully and pick poses for your robot. High Dynamic Range (HDR) of up to 130 dB coupled with sophisticated structured light technology and smart filters deliver quality results no matter the object. 

Zivid 3D technology is designed to provide high-quality point clouds of varied, random, and challenging scenes in a single shot. From shiny metallics and black plastics to polybags and semi-transparent, Zivid delivers point clouds you can trust. 

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Color 2D and 3D data for every point 

Provide your pick and place algorithms with all the data it needs. Zivid 3D cameras produce high-fidelity 2D images that correspond directly to the point cloud. Feed the Zivid 2D images to your segmentation algorithm and extract the points of interest directly in 3D. No need to buy an additional industrial 2D camera. No need to calibrate the color image and 3D data together. Simple. 

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