Manufacturing with Zivid 3D machine vision camera

3D Machine Vision in the manufacturing Industry

Cutting-edge automation in manufacturing industries increasingly employs 3D machine vision-guided robots to simplify process steps while increasing yield. As more companies adopt such robots, choosing the right 3D machine vision is crucial to handling parts in the most accurate way possible.

The industrial Zivid 3D cameras can produce point clouds with high fidelity on various objects, including challenging materials and small parts and features. The high-quality 3D data, hardware, and software ensure precise picking, reliable operation, and fast cycle time.

Manufacturing applications powered by Zivid 3D cameras

Bin-picking scenario with Zivid 3D machine vision

Random bin-picking

Improve object recognition and increase the number of detectable parts to empty a bin without mispicks or crashes

Assembly scenario with Zivid 3D machine vision

Automated assembly

See the scene most accurately and perform any material handling with a precise grasp

Robotic inspection with Zivid 3D machine vision

Robotic inspection

Inspect fine details, measure depth and height, and deliver full-color point clouds with 99.8%-dimensional trueness

Zivid industrial 3D cameras capture dense and vivid color point clouds for a wide range of manufacturing applications.

What’s possible with Zivid 3D cameras?

Capture densely stacked or randomly arranged objects

Many manufacturing companies handle lots of small and randomly placed objects. In a typical manufacturing scene, parts are densely stacked or piled on top of each other in a bin.

The Zivid 3D camera can make point clouds of small objects in high detail due to its sophisticated structured-light algorithms and high-resolution 2.3 MPixels image sensor. Zivid 3D cameras also see in color, producing RGB 2D images and point clouds simultaneously, enhancing the robot's capabilities to distinguish and separate objects.

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Handle shiny, reflective, and polished parts

Getting good point clouds on reflective and shiny objects is a major challenge in 3D-assisted manufacturing automation solutions. Reflections and inter-reflections cause distortions, noise, and artifacts in point clouds and negatively affect the robot’s ability to detect, pick, and place items correctly with precision and without collision.

With Zivid 3D cameras, 3D HDR, advanced structured-light algorithms, and reflection filters ensure excellent suppression of point cloud artifacts from reflections, specular highlights, and high-contrast transitions to improve image quality immediately.

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Error-free picking from deeper bins

The deeper the bin is, the harder it is to pick for a robot due to restriction of sight for the 3D camera and movement for the robot. Mounting the Zivid 3D camera on the robot arm is a technique that can be employed to bring the 3D camera closer and give it a higher degree of freedom from occlusions and reflections, which contribute to restricted sight inside deep bins.

It is often desirable that the 3D camera can observe the entire bin volume in a single shot to give the robot good awareness of its surroundings and perform collision-free picking. The Zivid 2 L100 camera is designed just for that purpose so that you can work with larger, deeper bins in the manufacturing industry. The camera has a recommended working distance of 60 to 160 cm to capture and can capture the correct representation of an object at a more extended workplace height while detecting the entire bin.

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