Automated assembly with Zivid Two 3D camera

3D Machine Vision in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry has a history of early adoption of automation with robotics. However, there remain many complex operations that have continued to require human effort due to the high levels of accuracy needed, and hard to predict variations in task demands. 

With Zivid industrial 3D machine vision cameras, automotive manufacturers can benefit from new automation possibilities and consistent production output. Discover why Zivid meets today’s demand for automating manufacturing processes, such as production, quality control, and pick and place. 

Automotive applications powered by Zivid 3D cameras

Automated Assembly with Zivid 3D vision (4)

Automotive Assembly

Handle and unlimited mix of complex components and assemble with sub-millimeter level dexterity.

Automotive Inspection with Zivid 3D camera

Vehicle inspection

See all the finest details from any angle at the optimum viewing position getting superb accuracy and in color.

Pick and place with Zivid 3D vision (1)

Pick and Place

Pick parts at their optimum grasp point with confidence and place and insert parts with complete assuredness.

Zivid industrial 3D cameras capture dense and vivid color point clouds for a wide range of automotive applications.

What’s possible with Zivid 3D cameras?

Stationary AND Robot-mounted 3D vision

Depending on your application needs, you can mount the Zivid 3D camera on a static wall or on the robot arm to achieve complete flexibility to always capture from the optimum position. The Zivid camera is designed to support both mounting options. Weighing <1000 g and with a small footprint, the camera allows the robot to see any space inside and outside the car, from any angle that was best suited.

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Superb 3D performance with trusted industrial reliability

The Zivid 3D cameras offer superb point cloud detail and accuracy to perform tasks requiring millimeter-level accuracy. All Zivid 3D cameras are designed, built, and extensively tested to operate in tough industrial situations whilst maintaining a very high degree of calibration fidelity.

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Accurate picks and fine manipulation

Shiny and highly reflective car parts can be the ultimate challenge for machine vision. Zivid 3D cameras deliver outstanding dynamic range performance and come with Artifact Reduction Technology (ART) to capture accurate and detailed point clouds of even the most challenging parts such as sheet metals, machined and polished parts. Zivid's true-to-reality 3D point clouds enable you to perform new, and more accurate and reliable pick and place operations.

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