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See how companies use Zivid's 3D color cameras with robots and in their industrial automation applications.

Zivid enables DHL robotic vision automation

DHL's 3D Vision Warehouse

Increasing e-commerce operation efficiency with 24/7 3D vision robots.

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SIEMENS Industrial Automation with 3D vision

SIEMENS battery factory

Addressing the demand for batteries with a highly-automated production line.

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ESSERT'S bin-picking

Picking transparent syringes in the pharmaceutical industry enabled by 3D machine vision.

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Robsen Robot

Robsen's machine tending

Enabling a turn-key solution for machine tending with 3D machine vision camera.

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Pick-it M-HD Zivid One Plus

Pickit's robot vision solution

A plug-&-play 3D automation empowering manufacturing automation.

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MoviMED's 3D inspection

Collaborative pick & place paired with inspection and verification.

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Infaimon Inpicker picks random objects with 3D

Infaimon's 3D InPicker

Visual Guided Robotics (VGR) system solves random bin-picking tasks.

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Vamag's wheel alignment system

Enabling the most accurate contactless vehicle inspection system. 

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SHEFF Foodpicker

SIXPAK's SHEFF Foodpicker

Detect, select, classify, and pick any food components in a short time.

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Stemmer Imaging - Zivid 3D


How Tim got started with high-resolution 3D color vision in 10 minutes.

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Vision Online's Flexible Bin-Picking System

A comprehensive bin-picking solution that is flexible, intuitive, and easily adaptive. 

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