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Customer Stories

See how companies use Zivid's 3D color cameras with robots and in their industrial automation applications.

Innodura Zivid assembly case study

Innodura's complex parts hanging solution for assembly lines

Hanging parts for processing is a task that has been primarily carried out manually, and automating it has proven to be a real challenge.

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inos case study

Inos' intelligent automated depalletizing solution

A turn-key robot cell dedicated to automated palletizing and depalletizing.

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urban machine zivid 3d solution

Urban Machine's robotic solution recycles lumber

"The Machine" is an automated solution that uses Zivid 3D to reclaim lumber and salvage the past to build the future. 

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Automatica 2023 piece picking demo Zivid

High-speed piece picking without compromise

As part of the Automatica trade show, Zivid has created the first smart, fast, and reliable piece-picking demo that can pick any item, regardless of opacity, transparency, or shape.

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Appliance manufacturing with Zivid 3D vision

Plaif's appliance manufacturing solution

Plaif has leveraged advances in AI and 3D machine vision to bring a high-reliability solution in appliance manufacturing. 

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SICK 3D camera powered by Zivid

Highly flexible and reliable part localization solution for robot guidance

SICK's PLB is a high-performance 3D robot guidance system that can be deployed against multiple use cases.

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robotire automation tire change

Changing a tire in 20 min with Robotire's automated system

Revolutionizing the automotive industry with an automated tire-changing system using 3D robot vision and AI.

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pandia3D inspection

Pandia 3D quality control solution

Pandia Pure democratizes quality control inspection with ease of use, speed, and accessibility.

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hyundai pickit zivid automotive robot

Pickit's automotive surface finishing application

Pickit Korea remove troublesome dust spots in automotive surface finishing using a robot-mounted 3D camera.

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logistics material handling fizyr case study

Handling unknown objects in logistics

Fizyr detection and picking software, together with Zivid 3D cameras are solving biggest logistics challenges.

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RAMLAB WAAM Repair 3d scan path correction (1)

Automatic repair system for metal parts by RAMLAB

RAMLAB MaxQ Cobot takes aim with Zivid 2 to bring metallic parts back to life and make an impact in reducing manufacturing wastage.

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Automated assembly with Zivid Two 3D camera

Automotive Assembly with CMES

CMES fuse deep learning with 3D machine vision to change the face of automotive assembly.

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Liebherr's turnkey bin-picking robot cell

LHRobotics.Vision incorporates a selection of best-in-class technologies to deliver a highly flexible, reliable, and easy-to-use bin-picking solution.

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Sanding and surface finishing with Graymatter Robotics

A combination of innovative technologies for surface sanding and finishing with a robot. 

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RAMLAB's automated welding and additive manufacturing system

RAMLAB's MaxQ system revolutionizes welding and additive manufacturing with robot-mounted 3D vision. 

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Ascent's intelligent robot-mounted piece-picking application

A sophisticated marriage of best-in-class technologies including color 3D vision, novel AI techniques and motion planning.

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robotbrag piece picking application

DTI's picking demo for the Robotbrag event

Building a high-impact demo from scratch in a very short time using HALCON.

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Zivid enables DHL robotic vision automation

DHL's 3D Vision Warehouse

Increasing e-commerce operation efficiency with 24/7 3D vision robots.

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SIEMENS Industrial Automation with 3D vision

SIEMENS battery factory

Addressing the demand for batteries with a highly-automated production line.

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Yaskawa Motoman picks bottles using 3D vision for medical with CapSen Pick

Medical Kitting with CapSen

Millions of picks and perfect placement in 3D vision-guided kitting cell.

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ESSERT'S bin-picking

Picking transparent syringes in the pharmaceutical industry enabled by 3D machine vision.

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Robsen Robot

Robsen's machine tending

Enabling a turn-key solution for machine tending with 3D machine vision camera.

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Pick-it M-HD Zivid One Plus

Pickit's robot vision solution

A plug-&-play 3D automation empowering manufacturing automation.

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kolektor robot application

Envisioning robot workers

Kolektor Digital needed a 3D machine vision camera with human-like capability.

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MoviMED's 3D inspection

Collaborative pick & place paired with inspection and verification.

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Infaimon Inpicker picks random objects with 3D

Infaimon's 3D InPicker

Visual Guided Robotics (VGR) system solves random bin-picking tasks.

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Vamag's wheel alignment system

Enabling the most accurate contactless vehicle inspection system. 

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SHEFF Foodpicker

SIXPAK's SHEFF Foodpicker

Detect, select, classify, and pick any food components in a short time.

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Stemmer Imaging - Zivid 3D


How Tim got started with high-resolution 3D color vision in 10 minutes.

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Vision Online's Flexible Picking System

A comprehensive bin-picking solution that is flexible, intuitive, and easily adaptive. 

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