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Industrial Maintenance Inspection

Automated industrial maintenance inspection is about looking for the details that matter across a broad range of industrial equipment and machinery. This type of inspection has a demand for reliable capture of high-resolution 3D point clouds and very high trueness performance in challenging industrial settings. Inspection can be for cracks, wear and tear, and damage, or looking for the presence, or absence of important elements related to operation and safety. The Zivid 2+ M60 3D industrial color camera is ideally suited to maintenance inspection with its robot-mounted ability to inspect very fine details, measure depth and height, and deliver full-color points clouds all in a rugged, truly industrial 3D camera.


Inspect for dimensions

Make highly accurate measurements of object dimensions and form, depth, and height with dimension trueness error <0.2%


Inspect for detail

See the very finest details, and make the right decisions with point precision of 80 microns


Inspect for color

Full RGB color offers the ability to look for colored objects or markings and signs of corrosion

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Challenges & Solutions

Industrial maintenance inspection takes place in factories, processing plants and other challenging situations. The items under inspection often cannot be moved or placed into ‘better positions’ for vision inspection systems. To be successful involves robot and 3D vision mobility with a robot-mounted machine vision camera. The Zivid 2+ M60 delivers the sharpest, most dense point clouds of any Zivid 3D camera. With up to 5000 points per sq centimeter, and dimension trueness >99.8 % everything is revealed in its true form. For quality inspection and fine dexterity assembly tasks, it sees every detail, feature, and flaw effortlessly.

Increased precision and reliability with high-quality 3D vision

Robotic inspection demands a highly accurate vision system to measure target objects accurately and consistently. Whether it's profiling of wheels, checking the quality of a weld seam or ensuring fastening bolts are in the correct position, your reputation depends on the robot's ability to inspect and see the details, with sub-millimeter level of high confidence, every time.

Zivid’s outstanding accuracy and point precision of 55 µm and a best-in-class dimension trueness of > 99.8% mean it will capture the details you are looking for. 

  • Autonomous and precise defect detections
  • Fine manipulation of tiny objects in cluttered environments
  • Estimation and verification of product dimensions and profiles

Point cloud examples with Zivid 2 - Comparison and inspection of metallic objects. View in 3D HERE 

Feel the advantage of the robot-mounted 3D vision inspection

Robotic inspection allows your robot to perform inspection and maintenance tasks in confined or dangerous working environments with remote access. It requires the flexibility and adaptability of humans, coupled with the abilities and reliability of technology.

Zivid robot-mounted color 3D cameras are designed specifically to rise to this challenge and excel. Zivid 2+ works for both stationary and robot mounting, enhancing point cloud quality with flexible capturing position.  

  • Remote and confined space access 
  • Compact, lightweight, and fast camera for any 3D vision system without reducing maneuverability or the robot payload
  • Inspection from multiple angles and positions, avoiding blind spots, occlusion, and point cloud artifacts


Point cloud example with Zivid 2+ - PCB.. 

Inspect anything, anywhere with full RGB colors

3D color vision offers a number of benefits over traditional 2D or monochrome 3D data for inspection applications, including increased accuracy, coverage, and cycle time. The full-color point cloud is significantly valuable when handling a variety of objects in a production line or an assembly workstation. 

Zivid's robot vision cameras provide a full HD color point cloud with three-dimensional image processing. It allows your robot to fulfill inspection tasks across the full spectrum of demands, even for the most challenging small parts with similar shapes. 

  • Non-laser based white light for broad material coverage and native color capabilities
  • Capture speeds ~100 ms for high dynamic range scenes such as shiny and reflective
  • Plastic, ceramic, metal, cardboard, wood, colored, textured, light, dark and absorptive


Color point cloud from the Zivid 3D camera vs. a grayscale point cloud example.

Zivid 3D camera in action

Below is a mini demo of the Zivid 2 camera capturing Lego blocks of different colors using Zivid Studio. Zivid cameras deliver consistently high-quality color 3D point clouds offering detail with true-to-life form and representation with < 0.2% dimensional trueness error.

Zivd 3D cameras

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