See anything and everything with robot-mounted vision

When you mount your 3D camera onto your robot you have just given your robot the freedom to see anything within its reach. Now it can look at multiple scenes in its working area, you have 360 degrees of possibilities around the robot.
With the Zivid 2 3D camera, your robot can now move closer in, or further out, look at scenes from different angles to get the absolute best view possible. You can keep optimal quality working down through deep bins and adjust to avoid optical distortions and keep getting crisp, detailed point clouds, at blazing fast capture speeds, time and time again.

Benefits of robot-mounted


Always optimal 3D image quality

Robot-mounted allows the Zivid 2 3D camera to operate at its optimal distance for every capture, even as you empty a bin. Object detection algorithms will always process the highest quality 3D data, with a consistent resolution, color representation, accuracy, and noise performance.


See every detail

By elevating the robot's flexibility with a robot-mounted Zivid 2 3D camera, you enable the system to view the scene and objects from multiple angles and positions, avoiding blind spots, occlusion, and point cloud artifacts (e.g. from reflections and highlights). Robot-mounted 3D is the efficient way to reduce system cost and the number of sensors needed to empty bins successfully.


360° robot's reach

A robot-mounted machine vision camera can always see whatever the robot arm can reach. This fact makes robot-mounted 3D solutions ideal for any applications like inspection, bin picking, piece picking, assembly, machine tending, robot guidance, or material handling. It also adds flexibility to mobile manipulator configurations.

Weighing <1000 g and with a small footprint, Zivid 2 provides HD point clouds without interfering with payload or maneuverability.


Minimize your total cost

For large scanning areas and collaborative robot cells that serve multiple locations, robot-mounted 3D vision minimizes the total cost of ownership (TCO). Utilizing one camera in multiple workspaces reduces the number of components that need to be installed, calibrated, maintained, and repaired.

The Zivid SDK and calibration board enable automatic and trouble-free in-field camera correction and 3D hand-eye calibration.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Why Zivid 2

Zivid 2 is designed for robot-mounted applications without compromise. Light-weight, fast and robust. It delivers outstanding 3D sensing quality in challenging industrial environments. 



169 x 122 x 56 mm
Palm sized

940 grams 
Maximize robot maneuverability


60 ms 
Minimize acquisition time

Robot-mounted application examples


Designed for the demands of industry

Zivid 3D camera shock resistance test

All robot vision systems are affected by environmental impacts like vibration, shock, and temperature changes. It is an under-communicated topic among vendors in the machine vision industry. A key design consideration for us was to address these factors and meet the requirements for robot mounting.

Therefore, the Zivid 2 3D camera is engineered and built from the ground up to excel under the harshest working conditions. All component in the robot vision system has been scrutinized, examined, and validated for stability and performance during years of development and design. Every robot vision camera is then individually hardened and temperature calibrated, tested, and verified as part of the production process.

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