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Experience complete and detailed point clouds of transparent items using the Zivid 2+ 3D camera family with Zivid Omni Engine. As transparent materials scatter and reflect light in such complex ways, plastics, polybags, shrink-wrap, and bubble wrap have long been considered impossible to reliably capture in 3D. Introducing Zivid 2+, the first machine vision camera that can see everything, even transparent objects.

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With Zivid Omni Engine, capture the world as you see it on a range of objects, from transparent, to shiny or opaque items, in one single capture. Browse our point cloud library →

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Bubble wrapped items Z2+

Made for logistics and e-commerce fulfillment

Piece-picking automation has proven to be difficult because of a huge number of different item SKUs (stock-keeping units) and challenging parts to image, especially transparent ones. With the introduction of the Omni Engine in Zivid 2+, there is now finally an industrial 3D camera that has all the capabilities required to be a perfect fit for multi-SKU piece picking in the world of e-commerce fulfillment.  

Mecalux piece-picking system powered by Siemens and Zivid 3D technology


An industry first

Transparent objects were considered impossible. This was stopping perhaps the biggest automation innovation possibility out there, piece picking in e-commerce. Zivid simply couldn’t accept that, so we went and did it. We can proudly say that for the first time anywhere, Zivid has unlocked transparency in 3D machine vision." - Henrik Schumann-Olsen, Co-Founder and CTO of Zivid

Watch the full keynote and discover how we unlocked 3D imaging of transparent objects:  


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