Logistics automation

3D Machine Vision in the Logistics Industry

Today’s automated logistics induction facilities are fast-paced, real-time operations that can often handle millions of items every hour. They meet the challenge of efficiently sorting and processing an unlimited variety of packages and items that arrive randomly positioned and in unknown placements. The variability these robot cells must contend with requires exceptional machine vision performance and reliability.  

Logistics applications powered by Zivid 3D cameras 

Parcel sorting with Zivid 3D cameras

Parcel induction 

Items move at high-speed through a sorting facility. With Zivid's 3D vision, they can be correctly identified and reliably picked without misses or double picking of parcels.

Picking warehouse with Zivid 3D cameras

Sorting and packing

Zivid’s high-accuracy hand-eye calibration allows your robot to pick, pack, and stack an item tightly and effectively with repeatable confidence - allowing for high-density stowing in boxes, totes, carts, and shelves.  

material handling with Zivid 3D cameras


Our 3D cameras bring completely new levels of flexibility and efficiency to your palletizing operations, whether you use AI, edge detection, algorithms on 2D images, depth maps, or point clouds

Zivid industrial 3D cameras capture dense and vivid color point clouds for a wide range of logistics applications.


What’s possible with Zivid 3D cameras?

Reliable and high-speed segmentation

Zivid 3D cameras deliver the features and performance needed for the demands of logistics parcel handling. Our 3D cameras have a broad array of features to support your application:

  • High-resolution 2D in native color
  • Exceptionally true 3D point clouds with > 99.8% trueness
  • Perfectly mapped simultaneous image data: 2D + 3D + SNR
  • Industrial-grade performance with adaptive calibration
  • Hand-eye calibration support for superb calibration fidelity

In a single 3D camera, you have all the features needed for parcel induction and logistics piece-picking applications. High-speed logistics performance delivered integration and maintenance made simple. 

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Hand-Eye Calibration Guide

Always optimal 3D image quality

Maximize your robot’s depalletizing working envelope with Zivid robot-mounted 3D cameras. With a 3D camera designed to excel when mounted on the robot, the effective field of view (FOV) is limited only by the robot's working range. Zivid 3D cameras deliver high-resolution 2D and 3D image data simultaneously from a single source, giving you the data you need for reliable object segmentation. 

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Pick every parcel 

Zivid’s proprietary HDR technology offers an unprecedented scene dynamic range of > 100 dB. This enables confident 2D and 3D capture of just about any object, from reflective shiny white plastic bags to deep black bags

Zivid ‘s structured light technology lets you capture reliably regardless of ambient lighting levels. The Zivid SDK also offers a broad range of filters that allow each scene to be captured in the crispest, richest detail without exception. 

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