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Zivid 3D color cameras

Industrial. Innovative.

Inside an industrial 3D camera
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    Industrial design

    Purposedly designed, built, and tested to ensure minimal trueness drift and variation under mechanical stress from handling and daily use.

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    Shock resistance

    Designed for industrial use. Lightweight magnesium housing, ruggedized all-glass optics, 15G shock & 5G random vibration, 0° to 45°C operating temperature range, IP65.

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    Continously evolving

    Easily roll out new innovations. With regular firmware and software updates, you can always use the latest features and performance improvements.

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    Thermal stability

    Floating thermal calibration ensures minimal trueness drift and data output variations across the full operating temperature range.


Designed to enable industrial, robot-mounted or stationary 3D vision applications.

Zivid Two Datasheet

Stress tested.

Zivid 3D cameras undergo a series of functional, environmental, reliability, and performance tests before shipping them to you.

Mechanical vibration

Our endurance tests include vibration, acceleration, and deceleration, replicating the use in industrial robotic applications.

5 G sinus

Horizontal and vertical vibration tests up to 15 G for longevity and build qualification.

Shock resistance

Shock tests include various drop tests to verify the 3D camera and mechanical shock and impact resilience.

15 G shock

Impact tests exceed several hundred Gs during build qualification.


Thermal stability

Floating Thermal Calibration maximizes the machine vision camera's performance in environments with fluctuating ambient temperatures.

0° to 40°C 

Temperature cycles are used to verify the temperature operating range.

Zivid industrial 3D cameras tested for thermal stability

Daily handling

Carefully designed boxes that sustain shipping or rough handling ensure a trouble-free unboxing experience for our customers.

Worldwide shipping

We measure and monitor shipment lots worldwide as part of our testing procedures.

Robust packing for shipping and warehouse handling industrial 3D cameras Zivid

Lifelong performance.

Simplify setup and reduce negative effects of factory floor incidents. Ensure that your 3D camera maintains performance throughout its lifetime.

3D hand-eye calibration

Zivid's 3D hand-eye calibration simplifies the 3D camera and robot binding process and gives you 10x better results versus comparable calibration methods.


The Zivid 3D hand-eye calibration API uses the factory-calibrated point cloud to calculate the resulting hand-eye calibration. Not only does this yield a better result, but it also does so in fewer positions. And more importantly, the result is repeatable and easy to obtain.


Explore 3D hand-eye calibration

In-field correction

A simple in-field correction brings your sensors back to spec and optimizes machine vision camera accuracy. This process maintains application performance and reduces the need for manual override or downtime.

Impacts and shock can distort a 3D sensor's point cloud output. In-field correction brings the 3D camera back to a calibrated state.

The in-field correction procedure is used to perform verification and trueness error correction. With dedicated calibration boards and a simple procedure, you can achieve >3x accuracy improvement and reduce downtime.

Colors matter.

Industrial 3D cameras with native color point clouds.



To provide as correct as possible colors, we sample and analyze point cloud data when the projector is on and off. Zivid's 3D cameras undergo tests in typical industrial light at 4500K. The flexible and in-field upgradeable platform makes it possible to support 12/16bit linear RGB values and metric color spaces (e.g., CIELab) with software updates in the future.

Benefits of 3D colors

For the 3D vision developers


Zivid Software SDK for 3D vision development

For the 3D developer

The Zivid SDK is designed by developers for developers.

Zivid Dedicated Support

Lifetime support

All Zivid 3D cameras include assistance from our support team.

Zivid Knowledge Base

Online knowledge base

In-depth 3D sensing knowledge, examples, and explanations.

Zivid Developer Kit and Accessories

Industrial accessories

High-quality stationary and robot-mounted mounts from Zivid.

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