Zivid 2+

See everything.
Do anything.

Groundbreaking 3D+2D cameras for the highest-performing robotic applications.


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Making the impossible possible with Zivid 2+

Capture true-to-reality point clouds and images at high speed on transparent plastic, highly polished cylinders and the darkest reflective parts. Our Zivid 2+ M60, M130,  and L110 are structured-light 3D cameras meticulously designed for the most demanding machine vision applications. Crafted specifically for industrial environments, the Zivid 2+ cameras deliver state-of-the-art performance with unwavering reliability. 


Zivid Omni Engine

Patented 3D HDR capture technology

5 MPx resolution

HD full-color image sensor

Unified 3D+2D

2-in-1 imaging

High speed

100 ms to 1 sec

Compact design 

169 x 124 x 56 mm
1000 grams

Reliable operation

15 G shock + 5 G vibration tested
Factory calibrated


Versatile Field-of-View in
3 camera models

The Zivid 2+ series offers three camera models with a versatile field-of-view, available in various variants specifically designed to match the volumes-of-interest of specific applications.

These cameras are equipped with a short baseline, which effectively reduces blind spots, optical singularities, occlusion, and point cloud artifacts, ensuring accurate and reliable 3D imaging.



Next generation 3D technology

Objects made of transparent, absorptive, and specular materials comprise a significant part of the inventory in e-commerce fulfillment centers and manufacturing sites. 
The Zivid 2+ pushes the boundaries and redefines what’s possible with temporal structured light - enabling you to capture clean and complete point clouds of all your objects with Zivid's Omni Engine technology.


Point cloud example of typical piece picking objects captured with Zivid 2+ camera (Click the image to view in 3D)


High-performance 3D

3D + 2D Unified

Segment, Recognize, Classify, Match, Measure, Calculate Pose, Check Collision, Pick, Place, Verify 

Power both classic machine vision and AI-based applications with high-fidelity color images in 5MPx resolution plus HD point clouds. With Zivid 2+ all your machine vision algorithms are supported by one product.

The Zivid 2+ meets all requirements of an industrial 2D camera to perform detection, segmentation, recognition, and classification in robotic applications. This unique combination eliminates the need for intrinsic and extrinsic calibration between 3D and 2D cameras, reduces the number of hardware components, and simplifies your cell installation and maintenance. Acquiring all input data for your algorithm in one device increases developer productivity with a unified programming model and streamlined machine vision pipeline.


3D and 2D pixel to pixel
data correspondence



5 Mpx

2448 x 2048




An example of a 5Mpx 2D image and 3D point cloud that were captured by the same camera. (View in 3D)

The need for speed

See more in 100 milliseconds. See everything in 500 milliseconds.

With a powerful and flexible 900 lumen projector, 5MPx image sensor, optimized optics, 10GigE ethernet, finely tuned electronics and a re-architected 3D technology, Zivid 2+ produces stunning point clouds at incredible speeds. This flexible technology platform enables you to optimize performance for your application, and Zivid to accelerate innovation. The story has just begun... 

Capture your scene with 60dB 3D Dynamic Range in 100ms, or unleash the next generation 3D technology which boasts an incredible 82dB Dynamic Range in one go - allowing you to see everything in one point cloud.

Single capture HDR

Up to 82db




0.1  to 0.5 second captures




Designed for industrial environments  

Truly industrial for robot applications

Zivid 2+ is engineered to endure the reality of industrial environments, resilient against mechanical shocks (15G) and vibrations (5G), temperature changes, and ambient light. By combining ruggedness and compactness, Zivid 2+ is an excellent choice for both stationary and robot-mounted applications. The cameras can be mounted on the end-effector of fast-moving robots, offering uncompromised stability and performance. 

With dimensions of 169 mm x 124 mm x 56 mm and a weight of only 1000 grams, the camera is optimized to minimize the impact on robot maneuverability and payload in on-arm setups. This seamless integration maintains the robot's agility and efficiency.

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Lifelong performance and accuracy

Zivid's 3D hand-eye calibration simplifies the process of binding the 3D camera and robot, while ensuring the Zivid 3D camera maintains peak performance. Leveraging the Zivid 3D hand-eye calibration API, which utilizes the factory-calibrated point cloud, this calibration method delivers superior results with fewer required positions. Most importantly, the calibration result is both repeatable and easily achievable.

With Zivid 3D cameras, you have the capability to perform in-field corrections, bringing your 3D camera back to a calibrated state. This enables you to optimize the accuracy of your system and mitigate the risk of stoppages or downtime. 

Tested to the max

To ensure the camera's reliability and performance under real-world working conditions on a robot, Zivid conducts comprehensive endurance tests. These tests subject the camera to vibration, acceleration, orientation, and deceleration, simulating the challenges encountered in practical robotic applications.

Throughout these tests, Zivid continuously monitors performance levels to ensure that the camera meets the specified requirements and delivers optimal performance in demanding industrial environments.