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3D Machine Vision in the Vertical Farming Industry

Vertical farming or indoor farming is set to play a significant role in the future of agriculture. It offers better efficiencies and increased productivity using a much smaller space, more sufficient water usage, and improved nutrients delivery. Automating the full growing process from seed to harvest is the key to business growth and sustainable success. The Zivid 3D cameras are specialized in enabling AI-based vision systems for agricultural robots to pick and place crops more accurately and efficiently.

How are Zivid 3D cameras driving agriculture automation?

Plant inspection system

Plant inspection system

Measure the finest crop details such as dimensions, imperfections, and color with a high-precision machine vision camera.

Plant monitoring

Plant health monitoring

Detect, classify, and analyze crops to catch early signs of disease and estimate real-time yields remotely with 3D vision.

Autonomous harvesting

 Autonomous harvesting

Ensure the quality and quantity of products 24/7 by automating back-breaking manual labor with vision-guided pick and place robots.

Zivid industrial 3D cameras capture dense and vivid color point clouds for a wide range of applications.

What are the benefits of 3D machine vision cameras from Zivid?

HD color point clouds

With the Zivid 3D cameras, robots can see the world in color and 3D with comparable visual acuity to human vision. The color data is essential for automated robotic farming as it augments XYZ position and dimension data with RGB data for precise object recognition. It enables robots to separate similar fruits or plants for accurate pick and place handling.

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360° robot's reach

The Zivid 3D cameras support both stationary and robot-mounting. This unique flexibility enables the camera to have unlimited capture scope and view target objects from multiple angles and positions. The robot-mounting option is especially beneficial for vertical farms where a single camera typically mounted on an automated guided vehicle (AGV) needs to navigate between large numbers of racks in a confined space.

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Reliable picking with 3D vision

For fruit picking, it is essential to locate target objects accurately so that the robot end effector can gently handle them without causing any damage or mispick. The Zivid 3D machine vision cameras are designed not only to detect objects but also perform demanding pick and place operations. With the minimal dimension trueness error (< 0.2%), the camera can reliably capture the size, rotation, and absolute position of the objects as the eyes of farmers, every time. 

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