Machine tending

Machine tending is the process of loading and unloading parts into machines using industrial or collaborative robots. The choice of the vision system and, in particular, the 3D camera impacts the robot’s ability to successfully detect the target objects, pick them accurately and place them correctly at the desired processing location. The Zivid 2 3D camera provides the industry’s leading trueness performance with less than 0.2% error, enabling demanding pick and place operations such as machine tending.

Machine Tending with 3D

Some machine tending scenarios require inserting or fitting industrial objects like cylinders into a feeding hole or similar, or arranging them in a fixture in a uniform way. This can be difficult to achieve without a high accuracy vision system due to tight tolerances and high accuracy required for both the picking task and placing task.

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Zivid 2's high resolution and quality 3D data, combined with true to reality representation of object size, rotation, and absolute position in relation to the robot coordinate system, makes it an excellent fit for machine tending scenarios. Achieve reliable detection of object boundaries and orientations for grasp planning, more accurate picking, avoiding mispicks and crashes, and more accurate placing, without colliding or damaging the parts.

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Zivid 2 in Machine Tending - KoCo by Kolektor

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