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Robot Guidance

Robot guidance systems with 3D vision are about taking robots and automation to a new level of capability. This system is unleashing innovation in areas where robots were previously uncommon: gluing, welding, sanding, and surface finishing are some of the many difficult manipulation tasks robot guidance systems can now perform. It demands more human-like capabilities including highly accurate and flexible, robot-mounted 3D sensing capabilities.


IP 65

Designed and built for industry

A true industrial-grade 3D camera for robots. Zivid cameras perform in hot and particle-dense environments. It can withstand knocks and vibrations and still perform with excellence. 

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Follow shapes and contours accurately

Zivid 2+ M60 is a true robot-mounted 3D camera. Essential for following complex paths and subtlety of motion required by robot-guided tasks.

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See details with confidence

Zivid cameras deliver dense, detailed point color clouds. See detail down to millimeter-level across high dynamic range scenes.

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Challenges & Solutions

Typical robot-guided applications replicate skilled human tasks. These tasks often rely on extensive experiential knowledge and sometimes an element of educated intuition. Therefore, they have been hard to emulate and automate. A convergence of complementary technologies is making demanding skilled tasks using robots and 3D vision a possibility. These technologies include highly adaptive deep learning techniques, sophisticated motion-planning, and the human-like 3D vision capabilities of the robot-mounted Zivid 2+ industrial 3D camera.

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See with confidence

Zivid 2+ M60's outstanding visual performance delivers dense and detailed color point clouds at sub-millimeter level, even with scenes that have a high dynamic range, such as shiny and metallic objects and surfaces. Form and shape are preserved with best-in-class trueness of 99.8% true-to-reality point clouds. 

  • 5 MPx resolution
  • 240 µm space resolution at focus distance 
  • 99.8% trueness (true-to-reality object representation) 
  • Rich color point clouds in RGB 

Point cloud example with Zivid 2 - Collection of shiny metallic objects. View in 3D HERE 

Follow contours and shapes accurately

Zivid 2+ is a true robot-mounted color 3D camera. This is essential for the complex paths and the subtlety of motion and tasks needed by robot-guided applications.

  • 3D vision that goes anywhere the robot can go 
  • Flexibility to move closer or farther from the object for 3D captures of the required detail 
  • Range

RAMLAB's welding application using Zivid 2. Learn more HERE. 

Designed and built for industry

Many robot-guided applications are in challenging environments where vibration, heat, dust, and particles are ever-present. Examples are robotic welding and surface finishing. Zivid 2+ is a true industrial-grade machine vision camera designed to perform and stay calibrated. 

  • Zivid 2+ is IP65 rated 
  • Designed with floating calibration to stay sharp despite environmental fluctuations
  • Broad range of robot-mounted accessories supporting Zivid 2+
Zivid 2+ for robot guidance

Zivid 2+ as a robot-mounted 3D color camera is inherently ideal for robot-guided applications. Built to true industrial quality standards to survive in the toughest conditions, it delivers consistently high-quality 3D point clouds offering detail at 55 um point precision and true-to-life form and representation with < 0.2% dimensional trueness error.

Zivd 3D cameras

Customer Stories

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RAMLAB's welding and additive manufacturing system

The MaxQ system revolutionizes the industry with robot-mounted 3D vision. 

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Automotive assembly with CMES

CMES fuses deep learning with 3D machine vision to change the face of automotive assembly.

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