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Free Demo

How to succeed with robot automation using human-like 3D vision

Challenge #1 Separate objects that have similar shape

Zivid One 3D cameras output a full color point cloud, with pixel-wise XYZ + RGB data. This helps you separate similar objects.

Challenge #2 Recognize, Inspect and Categorize

Zivid One provides 2.3 Mpixel output so there's no question about what objects you are looking at.

Challenge #3 Separate objects for handling

Zivid One 3D cameras with HD color RGB point clouds provide you the details and information needed for robots to work with humans, as humans.

Challenge #4 Don’t miss details

Don't miss details by using monochrome 3D scanners or TOF sensors. Zivid provides high-definition, high dynamic range point clouds. Including full RGB color.

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