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Zivid 3D developer kit bundle


3D developer kit bundle

Get Zivid's industrial 3D color cameras with everything to get started!


It was essential in the picking application for the machine vision camera to be mobile and directly attached to the robot, and Zivid provided all the robustness and physical characteristics we needed.

Michael Vermeer, CEO of Robomotive

Wow! They were shocked when they saw this little thing and the performance it packs, so the general reaction is pure astonishment.


Robert Bevec, Head of Robotics at Kolektor Digital

Zivid One+ Medium proved itself more than capable of providing the optical performance we needed. In terms of signal to noise ratio, its color acquisition and image resolution, it really is best in class.

Peter Soetens, CEO of Pickit

All-in-one 3D camera bundle.

    • Zivid One+ bundle (€6,500)
    • Zivid Two bundle (€7,000)

What's included? 

The developer kits are for qualified customers and licensed for evaluation, test, development and demo purposes.  

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