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Zivid 3D developer kit bundle


3D developer kit bundle

Get Zivid's industrial 3D color cameras with everything to get started!

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See the difference 

Zivid delivers significantly higher quality at much faster speeds than other 3D cameras. Compare the following point cloud examples of typical stereo and laser scanners to our Zivid Two industrial 3D color camera.


Zivid Development Kit

The bundle includes a Zivid 3D camera, stationary / on-arm robot mount, in-field calibration board, and other accessories you need for your automation project. 



Who choose Zivid 3D? 

  • High-resolution point clouds of even tiny, densely packed, or highly detailed objects.
  • Capture traditionally challenging parts such as sheet metal, glossy packaging, and plastic-wrapped objects.
  • True to reality 3D point clouds for more accurate and reliable grasping and manipulation.
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