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1. What Zivid offers

Zivid structured light cameras guarantee the highest quality 3D data for your solution with our true-to-reality point clouds. Reflective or transparent objects, small or large working distances, stationary or robot-mounted: our versatile camera families enable you to develop and run your 3D systems with best-in-class performance.

Unified 3D+2D

Structured light cameras for static scenes
1:1 correspondence between 3D and 2D 
 Patented 3D HDR capture technology


Full-color HD image
High-quality point clouds on any surface
High accuracy with < 0.35% trueness error


0.1 to 0.5 second full capture speed
Single capture HDR up to 82db
Operate at peak efficiency


Multiple field-of-view options
Stationary or robot-mounted
Compact and light-weight

Industrial grade

IP65 rating
15G shock & 5G sinusoidal
0° to 40°C operating range

Hands-on support

Personalized onboarding
Lifelong support

2. Evaluate our point clouds

Evaluate the quality of our 3D technology with our point cloud examples.
See full Zivid point clouds library →

Different objects thrown in a bin (captured with Zivid 2+ M130).
Transparent, semi-transparent, and dark reflective objects (captured with Zivid 2+ L110).
Big metal part close-up (captured with Zivid 2+ M160).

Complete piece picking SKU coverage (captured with Zivid 2 M70).

3. Choose the right 3D camera

Our calculators offer you an easy way to choose the right Zivid camera for your application.
Calculate your field of view, working distance, and more →

field of view calculator zivid

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