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Our current lead time is 4-6 weeks. If you expect high volumes, strict timelines, or have special needs - please reach out to Zivid sales or your local distributor for a custom quote.

Online Demo

Getting Started
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For assessing product fit 
  • Tailored consultation with 3D vision experts
  • Live demo of Zivid 3D cameras and software on defined scenario
  • Products and pricing discussion

Developer Kit

Subsidized price, qualified customers only
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For evaluation and development purposes
  • Zivid 3D camera plus relevant accessories included
  • Personalized onboarding service with Customer Success Engineer
  • Standard Product Support
  • Limited Product User Rights for test, development and evaluation.
    (Zivid Developer License)

Zivid 3D Camera

Volume-based pricing
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For commercial and industrial uses
  • Zivid 3D camera
  • Accessories (network cables, mounts etc) ordered separately 
  • Personalized onboarding and design-in support by Customer Success Engineer
  • Prioritized Product Support
  • Standard Product User Rights
    (Zivid Production License)


Order a Zivid camera for your research project or university course program


Buy mounts, cables and calibration boards directly on our webshop
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