Zivid offer an extensive range of industrial-grade accessories for your Zivid color 3D camera. They are purpose-built and ensure your 3D camera stays in optimal operational condition during robot cell deployment.

On Arm Mount

A light weight and low-profile mount for attaching your camera to industrial and collaborative robots.

Accessories Promo On-Arm Scenario Shot.11


Separate camera bracket for easy mounting and dismounting of the camera, without removing the gripper.

Optional strain relief to protect the camera from cable pull.

Robot flange adapter for ISO standard robot flanges.

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On-Arm Kit
Stationary Mount Scenario2

Stationary Mount

A low-profile, flexible camera mount. A unique, single screw tightening system makes adjustments fast and precise.


Compatible with all Zivid cameras, designed to work with aluminium profile systems.

Out of the box ready to install.

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Carbonara Stationary Mount Exploded



Zivid calibration tools ensure you can quickly and simply perform hand-eye calibration of your 3D vision system and keep your robot cell performance at the optimum.

MicrosoftTeams-image (21)

Calibration Board

A high accuracy calibration target specifically made for the Zivid infield correction and verification tool available in our SDK.

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Checkerboard CB01

Robust cables

High-quality, high-endurance industrial-grade cables designed for robot application demands.

Tested and verified so you don’t have to.

Carbonara Promo Power Extension Cable.75

Industrial Grade

These cables ensure that your camera will perform optimally, with no risk of signal loss.

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