Free Demo
Free Demo

Zivid Studio

A cross-platform UI for exploring Zivid One/One+ 3D color cameras

Zivid Studio provides detailed depth maps
Zivid Studio provides high-definition point clouds

A free companion tool for experiencing high-definition and full color 3D imaging.
Zivid Studio runs on Windows 7/8/10 and Ubuntu 16.04 / 18.04.

Get started with Zivid Studio

Point Cloud viewer

See objects in the camera's field of view in high definition 3D.  Toggle between monochrome and color point clouds easily.

Export point clouds to .zdf / .ply / .pcd / ASCII.
Zivid Studio Point Cloud viewer

Depth map

Easily understand the topographies of target scenes with the depth map viewer, and see the min and max distances of your point cloud capture.

Zivid Studio Depth Map viewer

2D viewer

A 1:1 full color representation of your scene.


Advanced controls

Configure settings for each frame. Combine multiple frames with individual settings to generate a unique 3D HDR color point cloud.


Global filters

Easily access all filters so you can produce high-quality point clouds on reflective, translucent, dark and bright objects . 

“We built Zivid Studio so you quickly can start with your Zivid 3D camera, play with all its possibilities and explore high-definition, high-precision point clouds in full color.”

Download the free Zivid Studio

UI for exploring the Zivid One/One+ 3D color cameras and point clouds
Download Zivid Studio