Zivid Two L100

Made for bin-picking

Longer gripper. Deeper reach. 




1000 mm

Focus Distance

800 - 1400 mm

Optimal Working Distance

130 μm

Point Precision


Trueness Error

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Made for bin-picking

Robotic bin-picking applications require high-quality 3D point clouds. Zivid Two L100 captures superbly accurate, detailed point clouds with robot-mounted flexibility. This enables robots to empty the bin, ensuring consistent productivity.

Made for longer grippers

Zivid Two L100 provides a longer working distance to accommodate the longer grippers tools that are commonly used in bin-picking. This enables error-free picking from deeper bins without the robot and 3D camera having to enter the bin region.

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Made for larger, deeper bins

Zivid Two L100 is designed to tackle the larger, deeper bins typically seen in the manufacturing industry. With an extended working distance and larger working volume, it is also suited for pick and place operations in logistics scenarios.



Case Studies

Zivid Two 3D cameras are used in various industrial automation solutions. 

Scenario - Vision Guided Sanding
item picking by Fizyr
automated assembly with Zivid 3D vision (3)
RAMLAB WAAM Repair 3d scan path correction (1)
Graymatter robotics sanding

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zivid Two M70 a newly developed Zivid product?
No. It is identical in all ways to the original Zivid Two, it is only the naming that has changed.
What are the differences between Zivid Two L100 and M70?

The focus distance, working distance range, and FOV only. Compare the specs of the cameras →

Will previously developed software on Zivid Two work with the M70 and L100?
Yes. All existing developed software for Zivid Two will work with M70 and also with the L100. Zivid Two L100 requires a firmware update that is a part of Zivid SDK 2.8.
Can I expect the same high level of performance and calibration reliability from the L100 as with Zivid Two M70?
Yes, it is built, tested, and qualified from all of the same high-quality components and materials, and has the same qualification procedure as Zivid Two M70.

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