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Building a flexible picking system with 3D machine vision

Robot vision
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Vision Online

Quick facts

Vision Online

Robot vision
Object position recognition

Halcon libraries
UR+ ready
3D machine vision system

3D camera
Zivid One+ 

01 Overview

Vision Online has provided machine vision components and solutions in Spain and Germany since 2011. The company developed a complete robot cell called CoPicker to meet the growing demand for flexible bin-picking systems. CoPicker features a ZIVID 3D color camera, UR+ components, and HALCON libraries.


CoPicker solution with the Zivid One+ 3D color camera

02 Challenges

Vision Online has a wide range of clients from the automotive to medical industries. It immediately recognized that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for automated bin-picking scenarios dealing with different objects, working distances, and accuracy requirements.

The company looked for a comprehensive bin-picking solution that is flexible, intuitive, and easily adaptive. A powerful machine vision camera that works in diverse working environments was needed to achieve the goal. It was also essential to develop a versatile machine vision software that fits into individual bin-picking use cases.


"Collaborative robot-based automation is opening up new opportunities in markets previously not subject to full automation."

Joel Hurley
machine vision specialist at Vision Online

03 Solution

The Zivid One+ 3D camera was chosen to precisely detect any target objects for Vision Online’s complete bin-picking solution. With the 2.3 MPixels 3D image sensor, the Zivid camera was able to capture RGB color, 2D, and 3D images simultaneously. It allowed customers to take images of any items, even challenging objects like shiny metal parts, with high accuracy. Thanks to the small form factor of the Zivid camera, customers were able to use it for both stationary- and robot mounting. The camera was small but covered a working distance from 30 cm to 3 meters, suitable for various bin-picking scenarios.

Vision Online used HALCON’s extensive standard libraries that are widely used in machine vision industries to simplify machine vision application development. The powerful HALCON libraries allowed users to calibrate the system with any TCP/IP robot speaker and define the searching zone as well as criteria on a 3D environment. Developers were able to easily create pick models from a CAD file by selecting multiple features of the surfaces and import their gripper model to define pick positions and collision avoidance rules.


04 Result

In 2019, Vision Online combined cutting-edge robotic technologies and introduced CoPicker, a comprehensive bin-picking robot cell. The CoPicker includes

With CoPicker, automation companies can reduce error rates and improve picks per hour. The integrated solution helps developers use proven high-quality systems and meet the demanding requirements of industrial automation applications.

About Vision Online

Vision Online provides components and solutions based on machine vision and adds value to any automation solution that requires machine vision expertise and experience.

Zivid One+ 3D color cameras

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