Automated assembly with Zivid Two 3D camera

Automated Assembly

Automated assembly has high demands for fine-grained accurate operations across the process. Whether it is fastening a screw or a bolt, or insertion of an item or connector, there is little tolerance for error. With Zivid 3D vision and the Zivid industrial 3D camera, the 3D vision travels with the robot, ensuring it always sees the objects and the situation in the most accurate way possible. With best-in-class trueness characteristics of > 99.8% (seeing true to reality), Zivid 2 robot-mounted is the ideal 3D vision for your robot to confidently tackle assembly tasks and get them right the first time, every time.


Assemble with dexterity

Automating assembly requires stability, reliability, and speed. For that, you need a 3D sensor robust and fast enough.


Assemble with confidence

Mount the Zivid machine vision camera on the robot to confidently tackle your assembly tasks.


Assemble with precision

Point precision of better than 55 um means even small objects and their detail are easily detected and understood by your robot.

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Challenges & Solutions

Automated assembly has unique and challenging demands for robotics. The tasks involve human levels of dexterity where parts must be singulated and grasped. These fine motor skills are reliant on the performance and quality of the 3D vision system. High precision is important, but of most importance is very high degree trueness, meaning seeing things as they really are, and where they really are.

Grasp and manipulate confidently and at speed

Assembly tasks often require an intermediate re-alignment stage between picking up the object and the assembly operation where the object is placed into a jig to ensure a precise grasp. This is costly in terms of additional equipment, and space and introduces a time penalty to the operation. With Zivid 2’s robot-mounted abilities, the 3D vision can adjust to see the scene in the best possible way and perform effectively any material handling with an intermediate re-alignment phase.

  • Zivid 2 – A true robot-mounted 3D color camera with a complete range of accessories for reliable operation on the robot.

See every detail as it truly is

Being able to see objects and their assembly counterparts with a very high degree of trueness is essential for consistently reliable assembly tasks. The alignment processes are typically at a millimeter level. Without this ‘true-to-reality’ vision mispicks and misaligned assembly is highly likely.

  • Zivid 2 with best-in-class trueness of > 99.8% has an exceptional ability to see things as they really are without inaccuracy in form, shape, and position.
  • Point precision of better than 55 um means even small objects and their detail are easily detected and understood by your robot.
Point cloud example with Zivid 2 - Typical automotive parts. View in 3D HERE. 

A true industrial 3D camera

Assembly takes place across a broad range of industries. There can be lots of other things happening from shutter doors opening to mobile machines moving around. All these other things can create temperature variations, vibration, and even knocks. A true industrial robot vision camera designed and tested to exacting standards is essential for reliable performance and repeatability.

  • Zivid 2 is truly built to industrial standards, it is IP65-rated and built from the highest quality components.
  • Zivid 2 is designed to stay performant with an innovative floating calibration system meaning it stays sharp in a changing environment.

Zivid 2 specifications for industrial tasks. Learn more HERE.

Zivid 2 in action

Zivid Two as a robot-mounted 3D color sensor is inherently ideal for robot-guided assembly applications. Built to true industrial quality standards to survive in the toughest conditions, it delivers consistently high-quality 3D point clouds offering detail at 55 um point precision and true-to-life form and representation with < 0.2% dimensional trueness error.

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