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Vision Guided Robotics
InPicker tool 
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01 Overview

Some industrial materials like black and absorbing rubber gaskets are considered challenging in conventional bin-picking systems. INFAIMON developed a complete bin-picking system called InPicker featuring Zivid One+ cameras to make bin-picking easy even for the challenging objects.


02 Background

INFAIMON is an international company dedicated exclusively to machine vision and image analysis technology for over 25 years. The company introduced InPicker to solve multiple bin picking challenges using Vision Guided Robotics (VGR). 

InPicker consists of a hardware solution (Vision + Robot) and software (image analysis + communications) that allows to extract randomly sorted parts from containers. It is designed to collect, evaluate, and identify object data for picking and placing components used in various picking applications such as unit picking, rack picking, random bin-picking, belt picking, and semi-structured bin-picking. It addresses most of automated picking challenges in automotive, pharmaceutical, logistics, and e-commerce industries.

03 Challenge

Some objects like black and light-absorbing rubber gaskets can be hard to capture with typical industrial 2D or 3D cameras, especially when they are randomly stuck and overlapped together. It often causes longer processing time and increasing the risk of errors in imaging data. 

Zivid One plus
“We have worked with vision solutions the last 25 years, and the quality of data required in today's growing vision-guided robotics is only made possible with Zivid One from Zivid”
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Salvador Giro

04 Solution

The Zivid One+ 3D camera with full RGB colors enables InPicker to capture the details of the target objects and deliver a consistent result. The following image slider compares the high dynamic range color solution from the Zivid One+ camera with the other 3D alternative.

With the high resolution and full color 3D data, InPicker can determine the position of the stacked objects from conveyor belts and prevent any potential collision risk in real-time. The Zivid 3D camera captures color point clouds in 80 ms which resulted in faster application cycle time without compromising the accuracy of the 3D vision image quality.

About InPicker

Based on Vision Guided Robotics (VGR), InPicker allows you to identify and precisely locate any elements in space to be picked and placed in another destination by a robotic system.

Zivid One+ 3D color cameras

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