Point Cloud Example

Piece Picking Scene (100ms)

This is a point cloud example captured with a Zivid Two 3D camera. The Zivid 3D color camera covers a wide range of industrial automation applications such as bin-picking, piece picking and machine tending.

  • Product: Zivid Two 3D Camera  
  • Working Distance: 30 - 150 cm
  • Target Objects: Scene captured with the Zivid Two 3D camera, demonstrating the 3D image quality achieved on a wide variety of objects often found in a warehouse automation scenario.

Zivid Two gives you exceptional 3D image quality lightning fast in an ultra-compact form-factor. It helps automation engineers design fast, reliable pick and place robots cells capable of handling a wide variety of challenging objects and scenes. You can view all the point cloud examples using Zivid Studio, our free 3D vision software tool. 

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Drag the slider to compare between the color point cloud from a Zivid 3D camera and the monochrome point cloud from an alternative 3D camera.  

Full color point clouds

Don't miss details by using monochrome 3D scanners or TOF sensors. Zivid 3D cameras provide high-definition, high dynamic range point clouds with full RGB colors.

60 µm point precision

Zivid Two 3D detects target objects with single or multi-frame imaging, and have a low occlusion and trueness error (< 0.2%).

Real-time 3D captures 

Zivid cameras support fast 3D acquisitions and color point cloud bursts for efficient robotic automation.