Point Cloud Example

Screws and Nuts

This is a point cloud example captured with a Zivid One+ 3D camera. The Zivid 3D color camera covers a wide range of industrial automation applications such as bin-picking, logistics, and quality inspection.

  • Product: Zivid One Plus 3D Camera (Small) 
  • Working Distance: 30 - 80 cm 
  • Target Obejcts: Assorted set of small screws and nuts
  • Acquisition: 3D Color HDR merge

Zivid One Plus Small is suitable for very small objects. The field of view covers typical trays and boxes in inspection and verification applications. You can download Zivid Studio, a free 3D vision software tool, to view all the point cloud examples. 


What do you want to capture? 

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Drag the slider to compare between the color point cloud from a Zivid 3D camera and the monochrome point cloud from an alternative 3D camera.  

Full color point clouds

Don't miss details by using monochrome 3D scanners or TOF sensors. Zivid One+ provides high-definition, high dynamic range point clouds with full RGB colors.

25 µm point precision

Zivid One+ 3D cameras detects target objects with single or multi-frame imaging, and have a low occlusion with > 99% dimension accuracy. 

Real-time 3D captures 

Zivid One+ cameras support fast 3D acquisitions and up to 12 FPS color point cloud bursts for efficient robotic automation.