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3D vision for robotic machine tending applications

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Robsen Robotics 

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3D camera
Zivid One+ 

01 Overview

Robsen Robotics enabled a turn-key solution called iRoCube for machine tending applications using Zivid’s 3D vision camera. iRoCube covers a variety of materials to reduce the need for customization and shorten the production cycle.

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02 Background

Roben Robotics is specialized in modular and configurable automation solutions for metal manufacturing industry. The company provides turn-key engineering facilities such as design, programming, installation, commissioning, training, and support.

Its solution, iRoCube, aims to handle a wide range of products cost-effectively and efficiently. iRoCube comes with automated vision system and robot simulation software. Its main application areas include metal processing, precision machinery, plant optimization, vehicle construction, and aerospace.

03 Challenge

Machine tending is one of the popular industrial automation solutions, used for loading and unloading of parts out of a machine. Enabling automated machine tending is a complex process and requires an advanced robotic system.

Roben Robotics looked for a robot vision solution to detect, analyze, and classify target objects accurately without compromising speed. In addition, the company tried to deliver flexibility to cover various target objects so that their end-customers don't have to customize the system depending on the products that they are using. 

“The intelligent robotics cube was developed to meet plug & play and flexibility requirements of metal shaping companies. Zivid One+ adds high-quality 3D vision to the modular, turnkey solution.”

04 Solution

Robsen chose the Zivid One+ 3D camera for their iRoCube solution. With the Zivid One+ camera, iRoCube can identify objects in full HD RGB color while minimizing application cycle time. The Zivid camera also helps iRoCube eliminate the needs for hundreds of fixtures or new design for each part by providing better 3D image coverage. As a result, customers using iRoCube can save time for installation and ensure faster return on investment.


About Robsen Robotics

Robsen is a robotics company focused on automated metal manufacturing process.

Zivid One+ 3D color cameras

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