3D vision guided assembly

Automated assembly typically requires that all objects, positions, and fixtures are rigid. A 3D vision-guided robotic assembly system enables overall higher system flexibility. The Zivid Two 3D camera provides the industry's leading trueness performance with less than 0.2% error, enabling higher tolerances for object variations and successful detection of the target objects, accurate picks  and correct position for assembling them.

3D vision guided assembly

Automating assembly requires stability, reliability, and speed. A typical approach includes part singulation with mechanical sorting or fixtures that ensure that target parts are presented consistently and reliably for additional steps in the process.

When introducing depth and 3D vision sensors, the objective is to reduce the need for highly specific machinery or one-off components while increasing flexibility in the assembly stages.

Using ABB YuMi for automated assembly with 3D vision

For 3D vision-guided robotic assembly lines, a 3D camera must enable robust detection of various entangled, overlapping, and randomly placed objects. The vision system must also have excellent capabilities when handling shiny and reflective target parts and items.

Zivid designs industrial 3D cameras that help you develop systems with exceptional detect, pick and place performance. Learn more about Zivid Two and its key features that will allow 3D vision-guided automated assembly. 

Zivid Two Datasheet

Zivid 3D vision White Goods Assembly

Used Zivid Two 3D cameras in white goods assembly.

Zivid 3D Automotive assembly and inspection

Zivid Two 3D camera in automotive robotic assembly and inspection.

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