Point Cloud Example


This is a point cloud example captured with a Zivid One+ 3D camera. The Zivid 3D color camera covers a wide range of industrial automation applications such as bin-picking, logistics, and quality inspection.

  • Product: Zivid One Plus 3D Camera (Large) 
  • Working Distance: 150 - 300 cm 
  • Target Obejcts: A simulated pallet with mixed boxes
  • Acquisition: 3D Color HDR merge

Zivid One Plus Large is suitable for medium to large objects. The field of view covers typical objects on floor or standard EU/US pallets, in picking, handling and palletizing applications. You can download Zivid Studio, a free 3D vision software tool, to view all the point cloud examples. 

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Drag the slider to compare between the color point cloud from a Zivid 3D camera and the monochrome point cloud from an alternative 3D camera.  

Full color point clouds

Don't miss details by using monochrome 3D scanners or TOF sensors. Zivid One+ provides high-definition, high dynamic range point clouds with full RGB colors.

25 µm point precision

Zivid One+ 3D cameras detects target objects with single or multi-frame imaging, and have a low occlusion with > 99% dimension accuracy. 

Real-time 3D captures 

Zivid One+ cameras support fast 3D acquisitions and up to 12 FPS color point cloud bursts for efficient robotic automation.