Zivid 2+ L110


Best in class industrial 3D+2D camera with a large FOV and
working volume for wide range of applications. 



70-170 cm
working range

Zivid Omni Engine
Patented 3D HDR technology


The Zivid 2+ L110 is a versatile and high quality 3D camera for demanding robotic automation applications where a large field-of-view and working volume are required to see everything, everywhere.

The Zivid 2+ L110 excels at capturing images of mixed pallets, big bins, and multiple totes in a single shot, making it the perfect solution for parcel handling, multi-bin piece picking, as well as robot-mounted depalletizing and bin-picking applications in manufacturing.

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See everything within reach

Powered by the latest Omni 3D technology and evolved from the battle-proven architecture of Zivid 2, this 3D camera produces unparalleled point clouds and high-fidelity 2D images of every object it sees. Capture clean, complete, true-to-reality point clouds and images in large, complex scenes containing anything from transparent plastics to black and shiny metal parts.

With a small form factor and large field-of-view, this is the ultimate Zivid 3D camera for robot-mounted picking applications.

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Scene Nr.2 View 12 (1) (1)-1_11zon


3D + 2D Unified


The Zivid 2+ generates all the data you need to run your AI models and machine vision algorithms. It produces 3D point clouds, 2D images, depth maps, surface normals and SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) data in a single capture and delivers them in a coherent pixel-wise format - everything you need from a single device.

With all the capabilities of a high-resolution industrial 2D camera, the Zivid 2+ can be used for detection, recognition, segmentation, and classification tasks. This unique combination eliminates the need for intrinsic and extrinsic calibration between 3D and 2D cameras, reduces the number of hardware components, and simplifies your cell installation and maintenance. Acquiring all input data for your algorithm in one device increases developer productivity with a unified programming model and streamlined machine vision pipeline.


An example of a 5Mpx 2D image and 3D point cloud that were captured by the same camera. (View in 3D)


Unmatched Point Cloud Quality

Zivid 2+ L110 can reliably capture the most challenging parts with exceptional accuracy and detail. Whether it's transparent objects, glossy packaging, or shiny reflective and dark objects, this camera excels in delivering the highest quality point clouds with true-to-reality representations of any object's size, orientation and position, all at once.

Maximize your chance of success in every pick with reliable object recognition, maximum pose estimation accuracy, and minimal false collision checks. Zivid 2+ L110 is the camera for applications that require precision grasping and manipulation.


Point cloud examples of challenging bin-picking and depalletizing scenes captured with Zivid Two+ L110 3D camera

Zivid Omni Engine

Patented 3D HDR capture technology



High accuracy

>99.7% dimension trueness


High resoution

0.44 mm per pixel




Supreme Quality-to-Speed


Unleash peak performance in robotic automation with the Zivid 2+ L110 camera. 

With an unmatched quality-to-speed performance, it captures the most stunning point clouds in as little as 100ms - empowering your robot solution to operate seamlessly for maximum effective throughput.


Field-of-View for Larger Working Volumes


Working distance
70-170 cm

Spatial resolution
at 110 cm

Field of view
110 X 86 cm² at 110 cm

Optimized for
large scene coverage

Zivid 2+ L110 FOV with specs zoomec v2

Optimized for being mounted onto the robot arm, the Zivid 2+ L110 offers a large scanning volume with dense and accurate 3D point clouds - unveiling pallets, large bins or even multiple totes in a single shot.

The focus distance of 110 cm has been carefully selected to match the clearance required for long grippers and end effectors, allowing for accurate and efficient bin-picking and depalletizing tasks with the Zivid 2+ L110 mounted on the robot arm.

Combined with its short baseline this 3D camera overcomes blind spots, optical singularities, occlusion, and point cloud artifacts, allowing you to empty the bin reliably and effectively.


Compact and Robust

The Zivid 2+ is a small, lightweight and fast 3D camera engineered for on-arm robot applications to excel under the harshest working conditions.

Built with a dust and waterproof lightweight magnesium housing for maximized robot maneuverability and payload efficiency.

Zivid 2+ is made with ruggedized all-glass optics to stay accurate while enduring high accelerations, and is characterized for 15G shock and 5G vibrations.

With innovative thermal calibration, cooling and a robust 10 gigabit ethernet connectivity, every 3D camera from Zivid is calibrated and tested for full performance across an operating temperature from 0 - 40°C.

Zivid 2+ is made to deliver consistent performance and reliable operation in unpredictable industrial environments - making it ready for demanding and large-scale industrial deployments.

Palm sized

169 x 124 x 56 mm




1000 g




IP65 rating