Zivid One+ Large

  • Fast
  • Accurate
  • High Definition + Color
  • 3D High Dynamic Range

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1.2 m
3.0 m


0.35 mm


843 x 530 mm
2069 x 1310 mm


0.67 @ 1800 mm 3.67 x 10-4 per distance (z) in mm

Zivid One Plus Large is suitable for medium to large objects. The field of view covers typical objects on floor or standard EU/US pallets, in picking, handling and de-palletizing applications.

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3D Point Cloud example

Zivid One Plus Large

  • Product: Zivid One Plus Large 3D camera
  • Distance: 160 - 250 cm
  • Scene: White cardboard, black and white plastic, colored wood, reflective metal pieces
  • Acquisition: 3D Color HDR merge
  • Source (25 MB): ZividOnePlusLarge.zdf

Technical Specifications

Field of View


Measurements in mm and º.

Additional info

Point precision
350 μm

Local planarity precision
700 μm

Global planarity trueness
< 350 μm

Dimension trueness
< 0.50%



  • Moving objects
  • Transparent objects (e.g plastic bottles)
  • Highly reflective surfaces (e.g mirrors, polished metal)



What's included? 

  • Zivid 3D Color Camera
  • 5m USB cable and power supply
  • 1:1 onboarding service
  • 1 year warranty

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