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Zivid 2+ M60


High-resolution robot-mounted 3D+2D camera for applications
demanding the very best in definition, accuracy, and detail.



30-110 cm
working range

Zivid Omni Engine
Patented 3D HDR technology


The Zivid 2+ M60 delivers point clouds at a level you have never seen before. Whether it is fine assembly work, accurate robot guiding or maintenance inspection, any task that demands the ultimate in detail is ideally matched by this 3D camera.

With a spatial resolution of 0.24 mm, and dimension trueness of >99.8%, the Zivid 2+ M60 is perfect for tasks that need to see the true shape of small features.

Designed for being mounted on a robot, this 3D camera can work anywhere the robot can and capture outstanding point clouds from the perfect vantage point every time. This makes it ideal for tasks when you need flexibility and adaptability, but cannot compromise on quality.

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See every detail

The Zivid 2+ M60 delivers the sharpest, most dense point clouds of any Zivid 3D camera. With up to 5000 points per sq centimeter, and dimension trueness >99.8 % everything is revealed in its true form. For quality inspection and fine dexterity assembly tasks, it sees every detail, feature, and flaw effortlessly.

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3D + 2D Unified


The Zivid 2+ generates all the data you need to run your AI models and machine vision algorithms. It produces 3D point clouds, 2D images, depth maps, surface normals and SNR (signal-to-noise ratio) data in a single capture and deliver them in a coherent pixel-wise format. Everything you need from a single device.

With all the capabilities of a high-resolution industrial 2D camera, the Zivid 2+ can be used for detection, recognition, segmentation, and classification tasks. This unique combination eliminates the need for intrinsic and extrinsic calibration between 3D and 2D cameras, reduces the number of hardware components, and simplifies your cell installation and maintenance. Acquiring all input data for your algorithm in one device increases developer productivity with a unified programming model and streamlined machine vision pipeline.


An example of a 5Mpx 2D image and 3D point cloud that were captured by the same camera. (View in 3D)


Unmatched Point Cloud Quality

With exceptional point cloud quality, the Zivid 2+ M60 delivers true-to-reality representations of object size, rotation, and absolute position, ensuring highly accurate and reliable results.

Whether your system need to see very small objects, items that are shiny and highly reflective, or capturing fine details and features, this camera excels in delivering the very highest quality images and captures the most challenging parts with exceptional accuracy.

Zivid 2+ M60 is the ultimate 3D camera for applications demanding high robot dexterity such as assembly, robot guiding, and maintenance inspection.


Point cloud examples of objects captured with Zivid 2+ M60 3D camera

Zivid Omni Engine

Patented 3D HDR capture technology



Highly accurate

>99.8 % dimensional trueness


See every detail

0.24 mm spatial resolution at focus distance




Supreme Quality-to-Speed


Unleash peak performance in robotic automation with the Zivid 2+ M60 camera. 

With an unmatched quality-to-speed performance, it captures the most stunning point clouds in as little as 100ms - empowering your robot solution to operate seamlessly for maximum effective throughput.

Optimized Field-of-View


Working distance
30-110 cm

Spatial resolution
240 µm
at 60 cm

Field of view
58 x 47 cm²
at 60 cm

Optimized for
robot mounting 

Zivid 2+ M60 FOV with specs zoomed v2-1

Optimized for robot mounted operation, the Zivid 2+ M60 delivers precise and accurate imaging from a close distance while simultaneously covering a large field-of-view.

With its short baseline this 3D camera minimize blind spots, optical singularities, occlusion, and point cloud artifacts.


Compact and Robust

The Zivid 2+ is a small, lightweight and fast 3D camera engineered for on-arm robot applications and to excel under the harshest working conditions.

Built with a dust and water proof lightweight magnesium housing for maximized robot maneuverability and payload efficiency.

Zivid 2+ is made with ruggedized all-glass optics to stay accurate while enduring high accelerations, and is characterized for 15G shock and 5G vibrations.

With innovative thermal calibration, cooling and a robust 10 gigabit ethernet connectivity, every 3D camera from Zivid is calibrated and tested for full performance across an operating temperature from 0 - 40°C.

Zivid 2+ is made to deliver consistent performance and reliable operation in unpredictable industrial environments - making it ready for demanding and large-scale industrial deployments.

Palm sized

169 x 124 x 56 mm




1000 g




IP65 rating