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Zivid 2+ M130


Industry leading 3D+2D camera for the most
demanding robotic pick & place applications 



80-200 cm
Working range

Zivid Omni Engine
Patented 3D capture technology


The Zivid 2+ M130 is our flagship 3D camera and is designed to accelerate automation in the world of e-commerce order fulfillment by enabling performant piece-picking across millions of inventory SKUs.

The hard requirements for speed and quality which the Zivid 2+ M130 has been designed for, makes it ideal for a broader set of applications from high speed parcel handling in logistics to accurate bin picking in manufacturing.

Designed to optimize your robot's performance in pick & place applications, the Zivid 2+ M130 camera can see everything in your bin without compromising on speed. Experience the future of robotic piece picking.

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Pick any item with confidence

Capture clean, complete, true-to-reality point clouds and images of the entire warehouse inventory, from transparent plastics to dark and shiny materials.

Segment and find the best target object with the 2D image, calculate optimal pose, validate collision free approach and execute the pick and place with the 3D point cloud.

Whether it's plastic wrapped and transparent items or the darkest and most reflective parts, the Zivid 2+ M130 will capture every detail with high-definition color point clouds across a limitless range of objects. 

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Piece picking with Z2 plus M130


3D + 2D Unified


The Zivid 2+ generates all the data you need to run your AI models and machine vision algorithms. In a single capture, 2D RGB, 3D, surface normals, depth map, and SNR (signal-to-noise) are provided in a coherent pixel-wise format. Everything you need from a single device.

This 3D camera is a high-resolution industrial 2D camera that can be used for detection, segmentation, and classification tasks. This unique combination eliminates the need for intrinsic and extrinsic calibration between 3D and 2D cameras, reduces the number of hardware components, and simplifies your cell installation and maintenance. Acquiring all input data for your algorithm in one device increases developer productivity with a unified programming model and streamlined machine vision pipeline.



An example of a 5Mpx 2D image and 3D point cloud that were captured by the same camera. (View in 3D)


Unmatched Point Cloud Quality

With unmatched point cloud quality, the Zivid 2+ M130 delivers true-to-reality representations of object size, rotation, and absolute position, ensuring highly accurate and reliable pick and place. Zivid 2+ M130 is the ultimate camera for all piece-picking needs that require precision grasping and manipulation, such as object recognition, pose estimation, and collision checking. 

Zivid 2+ M130 is the ultimate 3D camera for capturing the most challenging parts with exceptional accuracy. Whether it's transparent objects, glossy packaging, or items wrapped in plastic, this camera excels in delivering the very highest quality images.



Point cloud examples of challenging piece picking and bin-picking objects captured with Zivid Two+ M130 3D camera

Zivid Omni Engine

Patented 3D HDR capture technology



Highly accurate

<0.35% trueness error


See fine detail

0.25 mm spatial resolution




Minimal Cycle time

In robotic automation, cycle time is a defining element. That's why the Zivid 2+ M130 camera is designed for speed. Get data in 100ms to 500ms, depending on the specific application and desired point cloud quality.

No matter the requirements of your piece-picking applications, the Zivid 2+ M130 will not be the limiting factor in meeting those cycle times. With its high-speed capability, it can empower your automation processes to operate seamlessly and efficiently for maximum throughput.


Optimized Working Distance


working distance
80-200 cm

Spatial resolution

Field of view
79 X 66 at 130 cm

Optimized for
60 x 40 cm² totes

Zivid 2+ M130 FOV lineup with specs v2

With an optimized field-of-view for standard bins, the Zivid 2+ M130 ensures precise and accurate imaging with a generous working volume and spacious robot clearance. Even when utilizing the full working range of the Zivid 2+ M130 at 2 meters, you can still expect the best. It delivers dense and accurate point clouds across the entire working distance with consistent quality. 

With its long working distance, the Zivid 2+ M130 is designed to be placed above the robot and still offer the quality and speed needed for unfettered cycle times. 



Compact Design

Piece picking tasks often involve the handling of challenging objects such as tiny, thin, delicate, deformable, or highly irregular items that are densely stacked or piled on top of each other. These complexities pose a significant challenge for wide baseline cameras commonly used in piece picking applications. They often struggle to detect smaller objects hidden in shadows or obscured by other items or containers, leading to reduced accuracy and an increased number of mispicks.

The Zivid 2+ M130 camera equipped with a small baseline overcomes the limitations of occlusion by enabling easier distinction of tiny features, even in the presence of minimal occlusion. With the Zivid 2+ M130 camera, you can trust in its ability to accurately identify and handle the most challenging objects, ensuring minimal mispicks and maximizing operational efficiency.

Palm sized

169 x 124 x 56 mm




1000 g




IP65 rating